About Us

  The expedition of Pratik Nutraceuticals company commence in the 21st century with a great objective to improve the quality of life by making herbal healthcare available internationally. Pratik Nutraceuticals company founder is doctor Nitinaben Sandipbhai Patel & co-founder, CEO Vaidyartanam Sandip Patel. Pratik Nutraceuticals company one of the leading ayurvedic products (medicines) brand in the world. Its a sister company of Ayursun Pharma company one of the most competitive brands on the earth planet. Our endeavor is to meticulously research and formulate standardized products of the highest quality. Also our endeavor to help billions of people in the world through nutraceuticals products along with ayurvedic medicine. Pratik Nutraceuticals company has large range of products ayurvedic patent or proprietary medicines, shastrokta, ayurvedic veterinary, and poultry & pet formulations with natural herbs & minerals with excellent quality. All this formulations are manufactured under strict quality control & combine the time tested remedies of ayurveda with modern manufacturing, testing and packing facilities so as to ensure the best of both sciences to human life. We firmly believe that the customer is of paramount importance and therefore we place customer satisfaction as our supreme priority. Over the years, Pratik Nutraceuticals has established itself as the foremost national herbal healthcare company, recognized as the bastion of customer well-being with top-quality products and services. Made a humble commencement with a great vision to position ayurvedic and herbal medicines in India & international area. We ensure at our company, that the customer needs are satisfied with a scientific, well-documented, evidence-based and standardized formulation. Made of natural ingredients with globally-acknowledged benefits, every product has been made available for consumption only after years of thorough research and testing. The spectrum of products also features personal care solutions. Manufacturing infrastructure & research facilities: We are ensuring to our customer for quality related certification. We are following as per the standard parameters of the government of India.
  • GMP (good manufacturing practice certificate) approved manufacturing facilities
  • ISO (international organization for standardization) approved manufacturing facilities
  • Modern advanced analytical instrumentation for ayurvedic products development
  • Expert qualified personnel who are regularly trained to ensure updated competence as per latest coming technology.
Regulatory document support & capabilities: We are supporting technical dossier for all products as per individual country requirements.
  • FSC (free sale certificate)
  • COPP (certificate of pharmaceutical product), certificate of analysis for every batch of the products manufactured
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