Diabetes or “Prameha” in Ayurveda is divided into 20 types, based on the predominant Doshas in the body. This sums up to 4 types caused due to Vata, 6 types caused due to Pitta and 10 types caused due to Kapha. Prameha when not treated leads to “Madumeha” which is the Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2). The Kapha type, as we have discussed in our earlier posts, are generally on the heavier side as they are known to be lazy, inactive and follow a unhealthy diet. They often fail to control what they eat and what they shouldn’t be eating. According to Ayurveda, apart from the symptoms mentioned earlier, one also suffers from burning of palms and soles, dryness of mouth and a sweet taste in the mouth. The three main divisions of Diabetes according to Ayurveda – Kaphaja, Pittaja and Vataja of Prameha and Madhumeha are:
  • Kaphaja: This causes indigestion, lack of hunger, flu, running nose, lethargy and vomiting.
  • Pittaja: This causes pain in the bladder leading to urinary tract infection, fever, acidity, diarrhea and sleep apneas.
  • Vataja: This causes severe cold and cough, breathing problems, constipation, fatigue, sudden tremors or chills and insomnia.
A healthy diet that includes adequate and essential nutrients, along with herbs and food that is low on sugar can be the best way to get this disease under control. Ayurveda believes that one needs to live healthy to feel content, hence, a change from the sedentary lifestyle to a more active one can help in preventing and curing diabetes. In our next post, we talk about the causes of diabetes in detail; till then, keep following us.
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